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milk_shake® is a salon professional hair care brand, offering a complete range of quality products to enhance and maintain the natural beauty of hair.



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milk_shake deep detox shampoo 300 ml size - detoxifying shampoo for scalp & hair.
Milkshakemilk_shake Deep Detox Shampoo
Sale priceFrom $33.00 CAD Regular price$36.00 CAD
Milkshakemilk_shake Silver Shine Shampoo
Sale priceFrom $16.00 CAD
Save $5.00
milk_shake Moisture Plus Conditioner - Blend Box
Milkshakemilk_shake Moisture Plus Conditioner
Sale priceFrom $31.00 CAD Regular price$36.00 CAD
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milk_shake Floral Whipped Cream
Milkshakemilk_shake Floral Whipped Cream
Sale price$28.75 CAD Regular price$34.00 CAD
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milk_shake Icy Blond Incredible Value Bundle - Litre Shampoo & 250 mL Conditioner
MilkshakeMilkshake Defining Gel
Sale price$33.50 CAD
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milk_shake Insta Shine
Milkshakemilk_shake Insta Shine
Sale price$67.00 CAD Regular price$94.00 CAD
Save $34.00
milk_shake Shine Litre Shampoo & Regular Conditioner Bundle
Milkshakemilk_shake Shine Litre Shampoo & Regular Conditioner Bundle
Sale price$76.00 CAD Regular price$110.00 CAD
Save $13.00
milk_shake Make My Day Trio
Milkshakemilk_shake Make My Day Trio
Sale price$69.00 CAD Regular price$82.00 CAD
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milk_shake Icy Blond Duo
Milkshakemilk_shake Icy Blond Duo
Sale price$52.00 CAD Regular price$67.00 CAD
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milk_shake Treatment Duo
Milkshakemilk_shake Treatment Duo
Sale price$57.00 CAD Regular price$62.00 CAD
Save $41.00
milk_shake Icy Blond Litre Duo
Milkshakemilk_shake Icy Blond Litre Duo
Sale price$98.00 CAD Regular price$139.00 CAD
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milk_shake active milk mask - Blend Box
Milkshakemilk_shake active milk mask
Sale priceFrom $28.99 CAD
Save $27.00
Insta.Light Shampoo - Blend Box
Milkshakemilk_shake Insta.Light Shampoo
Sale price$52.00 CAD Regular price$79.00 CAD
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milk_shake Colour Maintainer Mini Trio - Blend Box
Milkshakemilk_shake Colour Maintainer Mini Trio
Sale price$29.99 CAD Regular price$35.00 CAD
Save $21.00
milk_shake Colour Care Flower Power Litre Duo - Blend Box
Milkshakemilk_shake Colour Care Flower Power Litre Duo
Sale price$94.00 CAD Regular price$115.00 CAD
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milk_shake Pink Lemonade Duo - Blend Box
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milk_shake pink lemonade shampoo - Blend Box


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