Wetbrush Go Green Detangler - Pale Pink
Wetbrush Go Green Detangler - Pale Pink
Wetbrush Go Green Detangler - Pale Pink

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Wetbrush Go Green Detangler - Pale Pink

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Make brushing your mane a stress-free task with the WetBrush Go Green Detangler. Arriving in a soft pink hue, this eco-friendly hairbrush is designed to be mindful of the planet, crafted from all-natural, biodegradable plant starch.

Not only is the brush a step in the ethical direction, it also ensures a smooth glide through the hair as it detangles with ease. Ultra-soft Intelliflex bristles resist tugs and snags as they move through your locks like a dream, supporting velvety, high-shine results. The sleek handle allows for firm grip while the flexible pins tease out stubborn knots, offering a gentle brushing technique that’s kind to your scalp and ends.

The sustainable composition will break down in a landfill within five years, making this an eco-conscious, planet-aware purchase. Fighting against breakages and irritation, this hairbrush effectively sweeps the length your locks, leaving them smooth, glossy and tangle-free.


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