OLAPLEX No.4P & No.5 Duo - Blend Box
OLAPLEX No.4P & No.5 Duo - Blend Box
OLAPLEX No.4P & No.5 Duo - Blend Box


OLAPLEX No.4P & No.5 Duo

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The Olaplex Duo made for all those with blonde, lighted and grey hair.

Here's what you get:

1X - OLAPLEX Nº.P (250ML)- Nº.4P repairs, cleanses, and tones with patented OLAPLEX technology for all blondes, lightened, and grey hair. While hydrating, Nº.4P neutralizes brassiness and brightens the blonde. The highly concentrated pigment allows customizable toning levels ideal for medium to light blonde tones (levels 7 and up) in which yellow or brassy tones need to be controlled. Compared to top purple shampoos, users found their hair 3x brighter using OLAPLEX Nº.4P. The longer you treat, the brighter the toning results, but we recommend starting with one minute and going from there.

How to Use:
  • 1. Apply and massage product throughout hair.
  • 2. Rinse product from hair.
  • 3. Follow with Olaplex N°5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner (sold separately).
When to Use
  • Formulated for daily/ every wash use

1X - OLAPLEX Nº.5 (250ML) - A highly-moisturizing and reparative conditioner for all hair types that leaves hair easier to manage, shinier and healthier with each use. Protects and repairs damaged hair, split ends, and frizz by re-linking broken bonds. It is color-safe and will strengthen and leave your hair stronger than ever. PH Balance: 4.0-5.0

How to Use
  • 1. After using Olaplex N°.4P Bond Maintenance Shampoo, apply a generous amount from scalp to tip
  • 2. Leave on for three minutes, then rinse
When to Use
  • Formulated for daily/ every wash use

Product Tip: Use N°5 Conditioner for every hair wash, with N°4 to add extra shine and strength to your hair.


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