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Innersense Renew Texture Bundle

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A Hair Ceremony for Thick, Coarse Curly Hair

1. Always begin with a water rinse, thoroughly saturating hair with warm water.

2. Start this ritual with a dime-sized amount of Hydrating Cream Hairbath and “spot-cleanse” areas that are coarse or oily, paying special attention to the hairline and center of scalp. Rinse.

3.Then, using a generous amount of Hydrating Cream Conditioner, co-wash your entire head of hair, cleansing with the conditioner only. Rinse well.

4. Apply a quarter size amount of Hydrating Hair Mask into palms, emulsify. Distribute mid-shaft to ends of hair, working the product through with fingers. Leave in for 5-10 minutes or longer then rinse well.

5. While still in the shower, follow with Quiet Calm Curl Control, generously raking into soaking wet hair. For highly textured hair, work and distribute the product into the hair to encourage moisture penetration deep into the hair shaft.

6. Immediately following, on soaking wet hair, use a dime-size amount of I Create Hold for added control. Plop curls into a dry towel to not disrupt formation of the curl and to seal in hydration. Scrunch with towel. Let air dry or use a diffuser on low. Perfect with curling iron or wand.

Innerflection: Through connection, I experience the whole universe as me.


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