EyEnvy®BrowEnvy™ Pencil - Blend Box
EyEnvy®BrowEnvy™ Pencil - Blend Box
EyEnvy®BrowEnvy™ Pencil - Blend Box


EyEnvy®BrowEnvy™ Pencil

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The finest tip for the fullest brows! 1.2mm fine tip.

Create the perfect eyebrow in just seconds with EyEnvy®’s Eyebrow Pencil. Give yourself the effect of natural looking eyebrows that you’ve always desired. Shape your brows to be thick and full with the easy-to-use and easy to control fine and precise tip. The pencil is smudge-proof and is resistant to water so you will have the luxury of having beautiful eyebrows all day long.

The fine tip pencil is easy-to-use and glides on smoothly onto the skin. By drawing fine strokes into the brows, you will have the effect of a natural looking eyebrows. With the integrated brush, you can modify and perfect the look to create the effect you desire.

How to use:

Apply BrowEnvy™ by drawing fine strokes into the brows. Use the integrated brow brush to soften the strokes to create natural looking eyebrows.

Who is it for:

Everyone, especially those who are looking to fill in their sparse eyebrows, or simply those who want to enhance the look of their natural brows.


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