Bon Voyage To Reality!
Bon Voyage To Reality!
Bon Voyage To Reality!
Bon Voyage To Reality!


Bon Voyage To Reality!

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This nude pink crème nail polish is inspired by the new movie BARBIE!

Properly prep your natural nail to ensure nail lacquer adhesion. Start by applying one coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. Shake nail polish shade of choice before application to properly mix pigment (this will help avoid streakiness!). Apply two thin coats to each nail. Brush some nail polish at the nail's free edge to cap the nail and help prevent chipping. Lastly, apply OPI Top Coat. Also cap the free edge with Top Coat. For a manicure that's dry to the touch in minutes, apply 1 drop of DripDry Lacquer Drying Drops to each nail.


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