Balmain Hair Spa Treatment Set

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Balmain Hair Spa Treatment Set

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The premium hair spa recipe for moisturized locks. The Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner restore hydration, promote softness, and enhance overall hair health. Including the scalp massage tool to stimulate healthy hair growth and promote relaxation.

Summer's heat and salty ocean water can leave our hair in need of extra care and hydration. Introducing our Limited Edition Hair Spa Treatment Set, specially curated to keep your locks hydrated all season long.

This set is the perfect combination for maintaining healthy hair during summer activities. Our Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner offer defense against UV rays and dry air, whether you're by the pool or on outdoor adventures. The Scalp Massage Tool adds a relaxing touch to your routine, promoting blood circulation and reducing tension for healthier hair growth.

Don’t let the summer elements take a toll on your hair. Embrace the nourishing power of the Limited Edition Hair Spa Treatment Set, and let your locks radiate vitality and shine all season long.

First, apply the Moisturizing Shampoo to the hair. Then, work your Scalp Massage Tool around your head in small, circular movements with gentle pressure. Continue massaging as you rinse out the product to ensure thorough cleansing of your scalp. After rinsing your hair completely, apply the Moisturizing Conditioner to wet, clean hair and rinse off after three minutes.


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