Pure Sun All In One SPF50+


Pure Sun All In One SPF50+

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Stay safe in the sun with this revolutionary broad spectrum sunscreen. That'so have been working hard in or labs to make your life easier with our internationally patented SPF. Unlike a conventional SPF that only gives you the level of protection is says on the bottle, All In One gives you 3 different levels with each application. Spray on the dry oil SPF once and it gives you SPF 50. Wait 3 minutes and apply again for SPF 80. Wait a further 3 minutes and apply a final third time for SPF 100. With its water resistant formula it great for those into extreme sports or for those who want that little extra protection for their children.
The Science Bit

* Contains patented formula allowing increase of SPF (50/80/100) with each spray using PROGRESSIVE SPF
* Broad Spectrum Protection (UVA/UVB)
* Contains MELANUP a patented ingredient which allows for the production of melanin without the need for sunlight
* Contains TYR-EXCEL a tanning activator which also ensures it develops evenly
* Contains anti-ageing and moisturising ingredients Avocado, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E
* Water Resistant
*Suitable to use on children from birth


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