Killer Curls Trio
Killer Curls Trio

Kevin Murphy

Killer Curls Trio

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KILLER.CURLS WASH & RINSE (250mL / 8.4 fl oz)

Plant powered essentials and a lightweight formula shine in the new regimen. KILLER.CURLS WASH and KILLER.CURLS RINSE feature nourishing Vegan and Organic Oat Milk to leave curly to coily hair deeply hydrated, setting the optimum canvas for airdried hair. Avocado Oil in KILLER.CURLS RINSE delivers a potent antioxidant high in fatty acids for protection and moisture, and Castor Seed Oil helps to seal in moisture

KILLER.TWIRLS (150mL / 5.1 fl oz)

KILLER.TWIRLS offers a heroic finish with a refining air crème designed to define and enhance all textures of curl, leaving hair feeling soft, natural and healthy. With Shea Butter to enhance natural texture and boost hydration, KILLER.TWIRLS leaves hair feeling rich and luxurious. The star ingredient Organic Oat Milk provides nourishment, leaving you with perfectly hydrated and bouncy curls.


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